Projects 2020 – 2021

لكل طلاب مشاريع التخرج يجب فى كتاب مشروع التخرج الالتزام بالشكل الآتي

Senior Project Format

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                                                                                                           د. رولا عفيفى


Wind Harvesting (Small scale wind turbine, Galloping and VIV)

Savonius new design (Traditional Savonius + With gates)

IceWind Turbine

Pumping (oil + air + water) flow

Pumps as Turbine (PAT)

Pipeline design

Solar Chimney

Wind operated humidity separator

Micro bubble drag reduction

Performance evaluation of Gas Turbine

Versatile design of vacuum cleaner for dry and wet cleaning

Jet pump performance

Evacuated tubes solar heater for producing high-temperature air flow


Projects 2021

Pumping water and sand

Bladeless Turbine

Savonius new design

Hydraulic test rig