Projects 2021 – 2022

لكل طلاب مشاريع التخرج يجب فى كتاب مشروع التخرج الالتزام بالشكل الآتي

Senior Project Format

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                                                                                                           د. رولا عفيفى


Savonius turbine with a single gate blade

Pipeline design (Dense flow versus two-phase flow)

Savonius turbine new design

Japanese waterfall

Sand-water mixture through a centrifugal pump

Oil – water – air flow mixture in a centrifugal pump

Jet pump for pumping oil and water

Pumping water using compressed air

Micro – nano bubbles through venturi generator

Micro-bubbles for fisheries

Irrigation system combined with solar panel

Micro-bubbles drag reduction

Experimental design for floating buoy used in wave energy farm

Design and Economic Feasibility of a Solar Powered Atmospheric Air Water Generator

Solar operated humidity separator

Hybrid Power Plants for River Nile Floating Hotels