Projects 2022 – 2023

لكل طلاب مشاريع التخرج يجب فى كتاب مشروع التخرج الالتزام بالشكل الآتي

Senior Project Format

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                                                                                                           د. رولا عفيفى


Nano-fluid through pipe fittings

Basic Solar Chimney

Enhancing the performance of the evacuated tubes solar air heaters

Integrated parabolic concentrators with evacuated tubes solar collectors for high temperature air heater

Pumping oil and sand flow

Flow characteristics of water delivery piping system

New designs of VAWT and comparing with its traditional type

Performance of Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine 

Power generation using renewable energy

An experimental study of waste kinetic energy modeling and utilization



Projects  2023:

Improving the heat transfer effectiveness in one-ended evacuated tube solar air heaters

Aquaponic System

Solar chimney



Plane Air Jet – Surface Water Layer Interaction