Projects’ proposals 2020 – 2021

لكل طلاب التخرج يجب كتاب مشروع التخرج الالتزام بالشكل الآتي.

Senior Project Format

                                                                                                  AAST project Format

                                                                                   Chapter (1) word model      Pdf      video   

                                                                                                           د. رولا عفيفى


Wind Harvesting

Pumping (oil+air+water) flow

Pumps as Turbine (PAT)

Pipeline design.

Savonius new design.

Micro bubble drag reduction.

Solar Chimney.

Wind operated humidity separator.

Versatile design of vacuum cleaner for dry and wet cleaning. 

Evacuated tubes solar heater for producing high-temperature air flow.

Design an aeration system for an aquaculture project.

Oil skimmer design & performance for wastewater treatment plant in oil refinery systems.

Light weight Foam/Concrete mixing and pumping performance using positive pump.

Foam system design & testing for fire fighting oil tanks.