2008 – 2009

Supervised by:
Prof.  Khaled Tawfik

Prof. Amr Saafan


– Ahmed Saeed Ibrahim Ali Abu El Saad

– Mohammad Abd Elrazak Ibrahim Madi

– Karim Ahmed Nabil Mohamed Wahby

– Ahmed Hamdi Abd-el Wahab Ahmed

– Ahmed Abd Elfatah Awad Eissa

– Ahmed Moustafa Ahmed Shhatta

– Ahmed Mohamed Omer Kohla


This loader is useful in compact areas. It can be used in rescue space proposes as well as in industrial fields and applications.

This loader can be equipped with different devices for lifting and manipulating processes. Also, it may be equipped with vision and touch sensors.

Steps of operation:

1- Choosing suitable dimensions for the required loader considering loading and space limitations.

2- A proposed mechanical structure is to be prepared.

3- Primary design according to proposed mechanical structure.

4- Choosing suitable dimension of the mechanical structure according to theories of failure.

5- Choosing the prime mover of the mechanical structure to increase the loader efficiency and power to weight ratio.

6- A complete design of the control circuits including the sensor circuits.