Supervised Hydraulic Projects

                                                                                    AAST project Format

                                                                                    AIET Project Format


Aquaponic System (Jan. 2024)


Air Jet

Plane Air Jet – Surface Water Layer Interaction (Jan. 2022)



Airlift Pump

        Air lift pump 2020

        Air lift pump (Jan. 2021)


Car Pneumatic Suspension 


Dancing Fountain

        Dancing Fountain 2013 (AIET)

        Dancing Fountain 2014 (AIET)

        Music Fountain 2016 (AIET)


Graphical Waterfall

       Graphical Waterfall (AIET)

       Graphical waterfall  2022 (AAST)


Flow characteristics of water delivery piping system  2023


Five Axis CNC 2017 

Fork lift equipment 2019

Fully Automated Hydraulic Loader 

Hydraulic Bumper 2018


Hydraulic test rig

        Hydraulic Equipment Stand 2018

             Hydraulic test rig 2021


Hydraulic Elevator

        Hydraulic Elevator 2013 (AIET)

        Hydraulic Elevator 2014 (AIET)

        Hydraulic Elevator 2015 

        Hydraulic Elevator 2016 


Hydraulic engine lifting crane 2022

Hydraulic Equipment’s stand 

Hydraulic Press 

Hydraulic Excavator (AIET)


Hydraulic Loader

        Hydraulic Loader (AIET) 

        Hydraulic Loader 2015 

         Hydraulic Loader 2016 


Hydraulic Press 

Interfering Submerged Jets 2020

Irrigation system combined with solar panel 2022


Jet pump

         Jet pump performance 2021

        Jet pump (air and water) 2022


Lift Table

         Hydraulic Equipment (Lift Table) 

         Fully Automated Hydraulic Lift 2019


Micro and nano bubbles

         Micro and nano bubbles 2020

        Micro and nano bubbles (Jan. 2021)


Micro bubble drag reduction

        Micro bubble drag reduction 2021

        Micro-bubbles drag reduction 2022


Multi-pump system 



          Nano-fluid through pipe fittings 2023


Pipeline Design 

           Pipeline design 2021

           Pipeline design (Dense flow versus two-phase flow) 2022


Pumps as Turbine (PAT)

          Pumps as Turbine (PAT) 2020

          Pumps as Turbine (PAT) 2021 


Pumping (water + Air + Oil) flow

          Air-Water Flow in pump suction line  2018

          Pumping (Oil+water) flow 2018

          Pumping (Air+Water) flow (Jan. 2019)

          Pumping (oil+air+water) flow 2019

          Pumping (oil+air+water) flow 2020

          Pumping (oil + air + water) flow 2021

          Pumping water and sand 2021

Pumping oil and sand flow 2023



       ROV (Remotely  Operated  Vehicle) (AIET)

       ROV (Remotely  Operated  Vehicle) 2016 

       ROV (Remotely  Operated  Vehicle) 2016 (AIET)


Short Take off Vertical Landing (STOVL) 

Versatile design of vacuum cleaner for dry and wet cleaning 2021


Waste kinetic energy utilization

        A study of waste kinetic energy utilization modeling, simulation and experimental 2019

         An experimental study of waste kinetic energy modeling and utilization 2023