Jet pump performance

2020 – 2021

In this topic, we talk about the jet pump. The jet pump is considered one of the most important applications in the field of petroleum and groundwater, where the jet pump withdraws petroleum materials and groundwater at different depths.

This study focuses on the mixing process of the driving jet and the induced flow in the throat to improve the efficiency of jet pumps used in Boiling Water Reactors. The effect of nozzle and throat shapes on the performance of jet pumps are examined experimentally under normal temperature and small-scale model conditions using three kinds of nozzles (i.e., circular, notched, and flower-shaped) and two kinds of throats

The aim of this study is to investigate the performance of water jet pump. the performance of water jet pump was studied. The effects of the pump operating conditions and geometries on its performance were investigated. The experimental rig was constructed such a way it can be changing the driving nozzle, mixing chamber and diffuser  and we use the Bernoli equation .


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Principle of Jet pump

Performance curves



Two-phase flow

Three-phase flow