Masters of science in progress

  • Reusable face mask for treating sinus disease.
  • Wave energy converter “Wavestar” control and energy maximizing by different type of control techniques.


Master of Engineering

                                   Eng. Ahmed Shokry


Running research

  • Air lift pump.
  • Nano and Micro bubbles.
  • Wind Harvesting.
  • Interference submerged jet.
  • Pump As Turbine (PAT).
  • Water desalination.
  • Vertical axis wind turbines (Savonius and IceWind turbines). 
  • Enhancement of design of a wave energy extraction turbine for Egyptian coasts.
  • Improved design of a duct geometry for wave energy extraction system.
  • A study of waste kinetic energy utilization modeling, simulation and experimental.
  • Pumping (oil+air+water) flow.