Fluid Mechanics (Ind.)


Chapter (1) Fluid Properties

Chapter (2) Fluid Statics

Chapter (3) Fluid in motion and Losses

Chapter (4) Fluid Power

Chapter (5) Pumps

Chapter (6) Hydraulic Motors

Chapter (7) Hydraulic Cylinders

Chapter (8) Hydraulic Control Valves 

Chapter (9) Basic Hydraulic Circuit Design and Analysis



Sheet (1)

Sheet (2)

Sheet (3)

Sheet (4)

Sheet (5)


10 marks class work assignment

Search on www.youtube.com using “hydraulic equipment model wood”

Choose a model

Draw the hydraulic circuit

Write the name of each component and its function.

Explain how it works.



5th theoretical from ch1 and a dimensional homogeneity question 

6th viscosity and pressure questions

12th u-tube manometer and kinematic questions & a hydraulic circuit to put labels & MCQ


12 th take home exam


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