Supervised Renewable Energy Projects

                                                                                    AAST project Format

                                                                                    AIET Project Format



Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG)

         Wind operated humidity separator 2021

         Design and Economic Feasibility of a Solar Powered Atmospheric Air Water Generator 2022


Evacuated tubes

          Evacuated tubes solar heater for producing high-temperature air flow 2021

          Enhancing the performance of the evacuated tubes solar air heaters 2023

          Integrated parabolic concentrators with evacuated tubes solar collectors for high temperature air heater 2023

         Improving the heat transfer effectiveness in one-ended evacuated tube solar air heaters (Jan. 2024)


Hybrid wind-wave

          Hybrid wind-wave energy application 2018

          Hybrid wind-wave energy application (Jan. 2019) 


Savonius Turbine

          Experimental study of Savonius Wind Turbine 2018

          Wind Tunnel Experimental study of Small Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (Jan. 2019)

          Wind turbine 2019

          Vertical axis wind  turbine 2019

          Savonius wind turbine 2019

          Savonius new design (Traditional Savonius + With gates) 2021

          Savonius new design 2021

          Savonius turbine with a single gate blade 2022


Bladeless Turbine 2021

IceWind Turbine 2021

New designs of VAWT and comparing with its traditional type 2023

Performance of Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine 2023

Power generation using renewable energy 2023


Solar Chimney

           Solar Chimney 2021

            Basic Solar Chimney 2023

          Solar chimney for ventilation (Jan. 2024)


Water desalination

          Water desalination with flat plate solar energy collector 2019

          Water desalination assisted with evacuated tube solar collector 2019

          Water desalination with solar –multi effect humidification 2019

          Water desalination with single basin solar still and evacuated tube solar collector  2019

          Water Desalination with the concentrating mirror solar still 2019

          Design of simple rescue solar still in marine applications (Jan. 2020) 

          Evacuated Tube With Circular Trough Mirrors For Water Desalination 2020

          Solar MEH Desalination Assisted With forced-draft circulation 2020


Wave Energy

          Wave Energy Application 2018

          Wave energy system applications 2018

          Vibrations diagnosis for oscillating water column systems 2019

          Improved design of a duct geometry for wave energy extraction system 2019

          Enhancement of design of a wave energy extraction turbine for Egyptian coasts 2019 

          Enhancement of Design of a Wave Energy Extraction Turbine for Egyptian Coasts 2020


Wind Harvesting

         Wind Harvesting 2020 

         Wind Harvesting (Small scale wind turbine, Galloping and VIV) 2021


Wells turbine casing (Jan. 2022)