Evacuated Tube With Circular Trough Mirrors For Water Desalination

2019 – 2020


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أ.د. أشرف سعيد

د. أيهم زيدان

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Water desalination technology has developed over the past centuries ago with a large share among the world. The use of water desalination applications has increased as materials have improved and costs have decreased. Evacuated tube solar collector is one of the most effective water desalination process as it can remove salty products from water and give fresh water using thermal process. By using evacuated tube solar collector, we can apply a system with suitable dimensions as it can be 50 x 50 cm2. there is another benefit as we can get hot water from our system and fresh water at the same time. Borosilicate glass tubes used and inclined with 30 degree for latitude angle to face the sun all-over the day. The material of the glass tubes prevent leakage the heat gained by the sun and ensure heat exchange between the fluid and tubes. Fresh water go to tubes to work as a heating coil to the absorber plate. There is a tank with the salty water go into a plate to evaporate the salty water and drain the salty brine. A half of tube is located to collect the distillated water from the outlet of the plate. For system improving a pump with ability to meet the temperatures variation of (70-90) degree Celsius.


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