Bladeless Turbine


Electricity has shortage in these days. Fossil fuels have a bad effect on the environment. Renewable energy is the future energy source. Sending energy to the urban areas are very expensive. For all these factors, however, using wind turbines are preferable. This project studies bladeless wind turbine theoretically and experimentally. A theoretical analysis of derived equations is investigated. Moreover, a Matlab program is written to get the relation between bladeless turbine dimensions, material and generated electricity. Moreover, a model is made. It has dimensions of a 1 m and 4 cm diameter. It is made of rubber. This model has been put behind a wind tunnel to simulate natural wind. The same factors of bladeless turbine dimensions, material are discussed experimentally. Comparisons have been made between theoretical and experimental results. They are in good agreement.


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Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT)

Bladeless Turbine

Design of Bladeless Turbine