Design and Economic Feasibility of a Solar Powered Atmospheric Air Water Generator

2021 – 2022


Supervised by:

د. نهى جلال

د. منى ابراهيم

د. رولا عفيفى



زياد عبد الناصر

مهند ايمن

محمد صابر رجب

محمد مدحت



Water scarcity is the lack of fresh water resources to meet water demand. The atmos-phere contains water in the form of water vapor; moisture etc., within that amount almost 35% of the water is wasted. The major aim or objective of our project is to provide safe and clean drinking water to those areas which are facing water scarcity problems. In this project, an experimental setup was constructed to extract water from the atmosphere. This project employs dehumidification / condensation technology for extracting water from the humidity present in the air. The extracted water is collected and then filtered through several filters for purification. The purified water can be served for drinking purpose. The working principle is based on cooling via evapora-tion similar to a refrigerator and air conditioner system. The coolant is allowed to flow inside the tube by using pump. Atmospheric air is forced towards the tube by using fans and it hit onto the surface of the condenser tube which decreases the temperature to its due point. As a result the air is condensed into liquid. The condensed air is then filtered for impurities using filters. This AWG system can produce 2 litres of dirking water per hour.


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Solar energy

Solar Panels


Air components

Water properties

Quality of water

Types of separators

Economic feasibility






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