Power generation using renewable energy

2022 – 2023


Supervised by:

د. خالد الشربينى

د. محمود سالم

د. رولا عفيفى



Mohamed ayman

Mohammed Mohsen 

Mohammed Samir

Mostafa Elkashlan



The World’s continuously increasing energy consumption, which causes a huge amount of pollution, has led researchers to search for more sustainable technologies. In this way, some renewable energy-based systems such as solar and wind systems are now commercialized. Among all renewables wave energy has the highest potential in terms of energy production which makes it more interesting to study [1]. The potential of electric power generation from marine renewable energy is enormous. Ocean waves are being recognized as a resource to be exploited for the sustainable generation of electrical power. The high load factors resulting from the fluid characteristics make ocean waves particularly attractive for power generation and advantageous when compared to other renewable energy sources [2]. This book will introduce how a wave energy system works and the components used in the system.


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Wave Turbine

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