Savonius new design (Traditional Savonius + With gates)

2020 – 2021

This project is related to renewable energy. It focuses on wind energy and wind turbines. It discusses specifically the Savonius wind turbine. It suggests a new design that aim to improve the efficiency through reduction of negative torque through adding gates that opens when the convex side is facing the wind source,. This was done through manufacturing of two turbines, one with the traditional shape and the other with the gates. Then the two turbines were compared with each other in the same conditions. An experimental setup was made to collect the necessary readings that holds various sensors. Four experiments regarding air velocities, friction, coefficient of static torque and coefficient of power were made, each at different air velocities. At the end, it was concluded that the new design proved effective providing higher static torque and higher coefficient of static torque compared to the traditional design. Finally, it is recommended to reduce the weight of the gates in order to reduce the centrifugal effect on the gates that closes it at higher speeds.


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Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT)

Savonius Turbine

Design of VAWT






Rotational speed