Evacuated tubes solar heater for producing high-temperature air flow

2020 – 2021

Sun is thus described as a gift by God so that humanity can benefit from it. This gift is the proof of the existence and uniqueness of Allah honored the sun when a sura in the Quran was named “Ash Shams”.
There are several applications that require hot air, the process of heating air consumes a lot of energy, which causes environmental problems like global warming, air pollution, increase Co2 levels and consumes the non-renewable resources. This project aims to solve this problem with new renewable energy solution, solar air heaters is rising field of renewable energy. This project is a solar air heater which consist of 4 evacuated tubes, the aim of this project is to study the effect of flow rate of air on output air temperature. The experiment was conducted on two days with different flow rate and weather condition. it was concluded that higher flow rates produce lower output air temperature, during the cloudy day temperature appeared to be lower than the clear day, as the sun was rising the output temperature was low, as the sun rises the output air temperature increases reaching its maximum temperature around 1pm, then as the sun start to set the output air temperature starts to decrease until the sun is disappeared, the maximum output air temperature achieved at flow rate 20 L/s was 177.25 °C.


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Evacuated tubes solar heater

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