Basic Solar Chimney

2022 – 2023


Supervised by:

أ.د. حسن الجمل

د. السيد صابر

د. رولا عفيفى



عبد الرحمن صلاح أنس محمد

إسلام عزالدين على

محمد حسن عواض

محمود جمال عبد الله



The objective of this study is to evaluate the feasibility and performance of the solar chimney power plant in generating electricity from solar energy. By analyzing the collected data, including temperature differentials, power output, and airflow rate, the project aims to assess the efficiency and potential of the system.

The results indicate that the solar chimney power plant effectively utilizes the sun’s energy to generate power. The temperature sensors provide valuable insights into temperature variations, enabling optimization of the power plant’s efficiency. The DC current and voltage sensors accurately measure the power output of the turbine, allowing for precise monitoring and control of the system.

The findings show that the power output of the turbine is directly influenced by the temperature difference between the collector and the chimney. Higher temperature differentials result in increased power generation. The air flow sensor data contributes to evaluating the system’s efficiency and performance, identifying any airflow restrictions or inefficiencies that may affect its operation.

Based on the data and observations, it can be concluded that the solar chimney power plant with the specified dimensions and sensor arrangement demonstrates promising potential for sustainable energy production. The project contributes to the field of renewable energy by showcasing a reliable and environmentally friendly alternative for generating electricity.

The knowledge gained from this study serves as a foundation for future research and development in solar chimney power plants, enabling further optimization and enhancement of their efficiency and power output. This project contributes to the advancement of cleaner and more sustainable energy solutions, supporting the transition towards a greener future.


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