Savonius wind turbine

2018 – 2019


Supervised by:

أ.د. السيد صابر

د. رولا عفيفى



ادهم مصطفى الحلبى

محمد يسرى انور

عمر مجدى عبد الرحمن

ادهم ثروت لبيب


In this project, we are going to study the effects of adding a hinged gate in each blade of a Savonius rotor, and study how its overall efficiency will be affected. These gates will remain closed when the blade is rotating in the direction of the wind, but will open when the blade is rotating against the direction wind, reducing the drag force that will be caused. By letting air pass through the a converging gate, its velocity will increase thus causing a nozzle effect that’ll increase its angular velocity as a result of increasing the RPM, it would also help in initiating the movement of the rotor. The Savonius rotor is going to be made with the S shaped design, having two aluminum blades mounted on a steel shaft connected to a plastic holder, while having the other end of the shaft connected to our measuring instrument. The rotor will have dimensions of 160mm for the height and 160mm for the width, with a gate of 60mm in height and 30 mm in width placed in the middle of each blade. The gate doors will be connected to the blade by hinges and torsion springs. Measurements will be made and the data will be collected and studied with the calculations. It is hoped that this modification will achieve the aims of the study and improve the performance of the blades.


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