Vibrations diagnosis for oscillating water column systems

2018 – 2019


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عمر هشام الصوفى

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احمد بهجت حسن

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محمد احمد محمد عبدالله

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Within the different types of on-shore wave-based ocean energy devices, Oscillating Water Column (OWC) converters are one of the widely used ones. This work deals with the modeling and simulation of OWC on-shore wave power plants. The model for the wave, by motor. Study on an Oscillating Water Column Wave Energy Converter (OWCWEC). The energy conversion is based on a wells type wind turbine. The design of the turbine for maximum power coefficient is discussed. A physical laboratory scale OWC wave energy converter model was built to measure velocity field in the column. The air column was built. We will calculate the Velocity field around air turbine rotor by means of PIV. The measured velocities with and without the air turbine are used as inputs in the design procedure and to calibrate and test mathematical models.We will isolate the device from vibrations by putting Vibration Damping Sheet. Moreover, design criteria will obtained using experimental and mathematical models.


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