Enhancement of design of a wave energy extraction turbine for Egyptian coasts 

2018 – 2019


Supervised by:

أ.د. محمد عباس قطب

د. أحمد سمير

د. رولا عفيفى



ابراهيم اشرف مصطفى أحمد

عمر خالد سعد حامد  

محمد امين عبد السلام 



The need of renewable energy is increasing worldwide day after day. Using the waves’ energy might be one efficient way of extracting renewable energy from the environment, thus our project specifically suggests using one of many Well’s turbine applications (oscillating water-column). Our choice of well’s turbine was encouraged not only by its symmetrical airfoil which enables the turbine to rotate and generate power independent of the air-flow direction but also because it can operate under low pressures (flow rates). The main purpose of our case study is to design a complete system that will efficiently generate power from the rotation of well’s turbine in Egypt’s coasts which are well-known for their low wave amplitudes. We are also planning differentiate between the performance of Well’s turbine near-shore and off-shore and how we can boost the performance by utilizing the stream control technique through the casing itself. The artificial wave energy generator located in the laboratory of the Arab Academy of Science and Technology (Alexandria branch) will help us simulate and form different sinusoidal wave frequencies that will be as close as possible from real wave frequencies that occur in all four seasons around the year.


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