New designs of VAWT and comparing with its traditional type


2022 – 2023


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Renewable energy has been utilized by humans ever   since the dawn of the civilization in a try to take advantage of nature’s resources to make life better. The many forms of renewable energy come mainly from the sun the heats the planet, subsequently moves the air to make winds that moves the seas the rivers creating all forms of six main renewable energy resources.

Wind energy is a form of renewable that is available everywhere on the planet and can be harnessed in many ways and currently contributes in a huge percentage of overall renewable energy production worldwide. Our aim is manufacture one of wind energy’s harnessing equipment and try to modify it for better performance and try to eliminate drawbacks that exists in traditional equipment through various experiments.


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Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT)

Savonius Turbine

Darrieus Turbine

Bladeless Turbine

Design of VAWT






Rotational speed




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