2015 –  2016

Supervised by:
Prof. Kamal AbdelAziz

Dr. Rola Afify


Abd ElRahman Mohamed Abd ElMonem Qandel

Adham Mohaed Medhat Labib

Ehab Saed Ab ElHady Saed

Samer Hamdy Omar Abdd ElHafez



Hydraulic loader is hydraulic equipment that is using hydraulic power. Hydraulic circuit consists of oil tank, gear pump, electrical motor, check valves, relief valve, directional valve, hydraulic motors, and two pistons. The mechanical structure of the wheel loader has dimensions of 1.5 meter length of the arm and the highest length that can reach is 2 meters. It can lift up to 75 kilo grams. This loader is useful in compact areas. It can be used in industrial fields, moving and loading construction materials. Also, this loader can be equipped with different devices for lifting and manipulation proposes or with remote control system.


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