ROV (Remotely  Operated  Vehicle) 2016

2015 – 2016


Supervised by:

Dr. Rola afify

Eng. Samer Darwish



عبد الرحمن سمير

مروان رجب احمد

ندى خميس احمد

سارة انور عبد النور

ناردين ماهر فهمى

عمرو أسامه

(عاصم الدمرداش (أتصالات

(محمود مجدى السيد (أتصالات



An Underwater  Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) is a mobile robot designed for aquatic work environments. Remote control is usually carried out through copper or fiber optic cables. A human operator sits in a shore-based station, boat or submarine bubble while watching a display that shows what the robot “sees”.

ROV machine contains main frame that hold all the components such as :

  • Motors with special fans used for moving the machine at all directions.
  • Robotic arm to catch, hold, or make some tasks.
  • Air tank used for floating and drowning.
  • Video camera to record and view image under the water.
  • Floodlights which are very important for lighting.
  • Navigational sensors and Processors.

The main functions of the ROV is maintenance and repair of oil pipelines by :

  • Turn off a valve to stop the flow of oil through the pipeline.
  • Examine the gauge dial to determine the pipeline oil pressure.
  • Measure the length, cut, remove a section of corroded pipeline and return it to the surface.
  • Install and secure an adapter flange over both cut ends of the pipeline.
  • Insert a hot stab to simulate injecting corrosion prohibiter into the wellhead.
  • Use a map to determine the pathways of flow through a pipeline system.
  • Turn valves to ensure that oil will flow through the specified pathway.
  • “Push” water through the pipeline system to verify that oil will flow through the correct pathway.



 ازاى تحسب مقدار ومركز قوة الوزن وقوة الطفو ؟!

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