Hydraulic engine lifting crane

2021 – 2022


Supervised by:

أ.د. حسن الجمل

أ.د. كمال عبد العزيز

د. رولا عفيفى



Ahmed abdelaty Khalifa

Amr Radwan Elshaer

Hisham Anter Abdelrahman korim

Mohamed Hisham Hassan



The modified floor hydraulic crane has the following parts; base plate/pallet, boom and lifting arm, vertical column, horizontal arm, secondary horizontal arm, power screw, roller, hook, nuts and bolts. The selections of materials for the various  components  were  based  on  the  strength,  machinability,  toughness,  ductility,  and hardness. It was designed for load of 1200 kg capacities and the development of suitable system  configuration  having moveable  wheel attached  base,  hydraulic  link,  basic  vertical column,  and  connections. The assembled machine was tested to evaluate function and reliability of the machine. The test was carried out with various loads ranging from 1000-1200 kg and the results obtained show that as the load increased, the effort required for actuating of the lift cylinder increased. Besides, the performance of the modified floor hydraulic crane was satisfactory and can be used in the laboratory and industry.


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