Micro and nano bubbles

2019 – 2020


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This document is prepared by the College of Engineering and Technology to assist the students in the preparation of their final year project report. The document is intended to be used in its electronic form directly, as a template, and is format standardized so that all the students’ reports should appear in this format.

The document contains guidance for all the chapters, headings and sub-headings necessary to include into the report; such as abstract, introduction, table of contents, list of figures,  list of tables, and the other main chapters of the report ending with the results, discussion, and future work chapters. Furthermore, the report explains clearly the proper method for citing previous work and including a list of references in a standard format.

The format and the guidance for preparing the final year project report are designed to satisfy the requirements for accreditation and validation of the undergraduate engineering programs by the Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology (ABET) in the US and the Engineering Accreditation Board (EAB) in the UK.

All students must abide with all that comes in this document upon preparing their final year project report.


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Paper “Investigation on the effect of geometrical parameters on the performance of a venturi type bubble generator”



ِAnsys Videos 

venturi 2d             part1                part 2                part3

venturi 3d                                      part 2     



venturi 3d        Angle 5          Angle 7         Angle 8          Angle 9          Angle 11




Graduation project discussion 1

Graduation project discussion 2