Fork lift equipment

2018 – 2019


Supervised by:

د. أحمد شعير

د. أحمد عبد السلام

د. رولا عفيفى



احمد عنتر عبد الرحمن كريم

احمد محمد احمد مصطفى

عبد الرحمن اشرف محمد

بسام احمد يونس

مصطفى محمد على الشرقاوى



Our project is hand forklift.

materials maybe used in project is combination of steel and stainless steel

The predicteddimensions: –

  • Width of each of two Forks: 30 cm
  • Fork Length: 81 cm
  • Width: 90 cm
  • Length of base 125cm
  • Hight: 142 cm

Hand pallet trucks are designed to essentially provide the required economy and efficiency for the movement of goods and cartons in warehouses.Hand pallet trucks have become increasingly popular in warehouses, factories, retail stores, and manufacturing plants across various countries because of the convenience and advantages they offer.


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