Flow characteristics of water delivery piping system


2022 – 2023


Supervised by:

د. أحمد خليفه

د. رولا عفيفى



Mahmoud El-Sayed Romaih 

Ehab Yasser Saad 

Abdelrahman Gamal Mohammed

Osama Mohammed Gaber

Ahmed Tareq





This book analyses a comprehensive study on the behaviour and dynamics of water flow in delivery pipes. This book explores the fundamental principles of fluid mechanics and their application to water distribution systems, focusing on understanding the various factors influencing flow characteristics.
Water flow in delivery pipes is a critical aspect of efficient water distribution systems.
Understanding the flow behavior, such as velocity, pressure, and friction loss, is essential for designing and maintaining reliable infrastructure. This book investigates the hydraulic properties of water and their impact on the performance of delivery pipes.
The research encompasses an in-depth analysis of flow measurements, including various methodologies and instruments used to assess flow characteristics in pipes. It explores the challenges associated with accurate flow measurement and highlights the importance of reliable data in optimizing pipe network design.
Additionally, the project investigates the influence of pipe materials, diameters, and roughness on water flow. By examining these factors, the book sheds light on flow patterns, turbulence, and energy losses within the pipe network. It also explores the impact of pipe fittings, valves, and other hydraulic components on flow behavior.
To provide practical insights, the senior project book includes case studies and experimental data from real-world scenarios. These examples illustrate the challenges faced in water distribution systems and the strategies employed to overcome them. The book discusses approaches for optimizing pipe network design, selecting appropriate pipe materials, and improving flow efficiency.
Overall, the findings and recommendations presented in this senior project book contribute to the understanding of flow characteristics in water delivery pipes. They offer valuable insights for professionals involved in water supply, mechanical engineering, and infrastructure planning. By exploring the intricacies of water flow, this project aims to enhance the performance and sustainability of water distribution systems.



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Flow characteristics

Pump performance curve

Major Losses in pipes 

Fittings types 

Minor losses in pipes



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