Pumping (Air+water) flow



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Aim: The project aims to study the effect, of pumping both the water and air on the centrifugal pump performance.

Theory of operation: Several amounts of flow rates, that are controlled by a primary valve from the tank, pass through the circuit pipe lines ,control valves , pressure gauges and the pump, so we can get the pressure gauges readings before and after the centrifugal pump thus we can calculate the pressure heads for every specified amount of flow rate that depends on the angle of opening the control valve. After then we can predict the HQ curve that describes the new performance of the pump .


1- 2 Tanks with volume near to 1.5 ?3.

2- 2 inch diameter st.steel pipes with about 3.5 m length.

3- 2 inch diameter transparent PVC pipe with about 2 m length.

4- 1.5 hp centrifugal pump.

5- 1200 rpm electric motor with a shaft that acts as a mixer.

6- Elbows and joints for the pipe line construction.

7- Metal buckles welded with casters so as to act as a stand for the whole circuit.

8- 2 control valves to control the flow rate at the tank.

9- 3 pressure gauges.


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