Pipeline design (Dense flow versus two-phase flow)

2021 – 2022

A pure fluid, whether in a gaseous or liquid state, can exhibit both liquid and gaseous properties when heated and compressed over the critical temperature and pressure.  For a pure compound above the critical temperature and pressure. To differentiate it from typical vapour and liquid, the system is frequently referred to as a “dense fluid” or “hyper critical fluid”. The purpose of this document is to illustrate the difference in transportation certain compositions with dense fluid and typical Two-phase fluid in different pipelines and conditions, with respect to engineering analysis, economic evaluations, pipeline system components, and other essential aspects. This document covers implementations of some simulations that have been done with ProMax, a simulator for process troubleshooting and design.

To test the full beneficial of applying dense fluid through a pipeline, we evaluate some economical parameters such as net present value (NPV), so we can determine the worthiness of the dense fluid in comparison to the typical fluid.


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Pipeline design

Dense Flow

Two-phase flow

Cases and applications



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