A study of waste kinetic energy utilization modeling, simulation and experimental 

2018 – 2019


Supervised by:

أ.د. السيد صابر

أ.د. حسن الجمل

د. رولا عفيفى



محمد خالد محمد عبد الرحمن

احمد محمد شعبان القناوى

محمد محمود الجندى

مروان السيد محمد

عمرو علاء الدين محمود

محمد اشرف حسنى الفيطى



It is very important to study waste kinetic energy and how to utilize it to save energy in many machines and systems that require acceleration and deceleration of any mechanical part. A test machine is designed and constructed to test the amount of energy that could be captured and stored when decelerating or stopping a moving mechanical part, a flywheel in ours case. An electric motor is used to drive the flywheel. When the motor starts, the flywheel starts to gain kinetic energy due to its mass and velocity. When the motor stops, the flywheel gets connected to a hydraulic pump. The hydraulic pump converts the kinetic energy from the flywheel into hydraulic power by pumping oil inside a hydraulic circuit.


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