Plane Air Jet – Surface Water Layer Interaction

2021 – 2022


Supervised by:

أ.د. كامل الشوربجى

د. رولا عفيفى



عبد الرحمن محمد السيد

عبد الرحمن أشرف الشربينى

أحمد ضياء الدين



Jet Impingement Technology (JIT) is widely used as a controller mechanism in various industries. In this paper, a test rig will be presented. Air jet behavior over the impingement region is displayed and discussed. The behavior of the jet exit velocity is checked and the effect of the jet inclination on the wall jet region is illustrated. The velocity profiles are detected at the leading, middle and trailing edges of three different layers. Each layer is observed at four inclination angles of the jet (ϕ = 0o , 15o , 30o , 45o ) and three offset ratios of the plate (Z* = 0.5, 2, 3.5).


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Solar energy

Solar Panels


Air components

Water properties

Quality of water

Types of separators

Economic feasibility