Air-Water Flow in pump suction line

2017 – 2018


Supervised by:

أ.د. كمال عبد العزيز

د. جاسر جاد الرب



محمود مصطفى محمود مصطفى

باهى أحمد عبد التواب

احمد هشام النكلاوي

نادر عادل عبد الباسط

أحمد جابر محمد

كريم محمد خليفه



This project was carried out to study the effect of air injected into the suction side on the pump performance, under different operating conditions. For this purpose, a single stage radial flow type centrifugal pump is experimentally employed. Manometric head, pump discharge, as well as shaft power have been measured, and overall efficiency was determined, for different values of air flow rate and pump speed. The effect of increasing the quantity of air is considered. The results indicate that the manometric head generated by the pump is decreased by the presence of air in the suction pipe. This decrease was found to depend on the amount of injected air. For certain operating conditions, the pump discharge, pump efficiency and the power required to drive the pump were mainly affected by the amount of air bubbles flowing through the pump impeller.


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