2015 –  2016

Supervised by:
Dr. Ahmed Shoir

Dr. Rola Afify


مصطفى محمد زكى علم الدين

طاهر أحمد زكى

أحمد علاء الدين زكريا الوليلى

محمد عبد الله غريب

خالد حمدى محمد عبد الواحد

محمد خلف أبو ضيف


Our project is a part of production line for producing pots of 25 cm diameter. It uses two hydraulic cylinders; one for punching the metal with punching height of 14 cm, and the other for the circular hollow disk around the die with an outer diameter of 35cm. The aluminum sheet metal is placed. During pressing process or deformation of material sheet, the circular plate moves down hydraulically parallel to die with clearance of 2.5mm between the punch and the die. After pressing process, the circular disk moves up to its original position at the same level with the die producing a final pot product with 25cm diameter, 2mm thickness and 14cm height that will be moved on a fixed roll on the production line table.


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