Water Push Technology in Boats Employing Interfering Submerged Jets

2019 – 2020


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A speedboat is designed to accommodate walking in rough and shallow areas at low speeds in lakes and closed waters. Also, it can be used in open water to travel at high speeds by using water-push technology from the boat sailboat, as we plan to use two waterjet engines to drive the boat and we will study the water interfering. In some at several angles and speeds, the motors will operate using batteries and control the boat remotely, this paper includes project-based learning, fundamental principles of engineering design and engineering analysis. The model boats made by undergraduate engineering students are rather primitive in design and use conventional manufacturing methods.

The conventional methods used to make the hulls are a very labor intense and inaccurate. In the present method there is no direct link between the CAD model and the manufactured hull due to the absence of computer-aided machining. However, using conventional methods, students get more knowledge on how parts are manufactured.

These conventional methods of fabrication are used because the primary emphasis for their project is experiencing the design process, working effectively in a team and working to constraints (such as time, money and materials). The current emphasis is not fabrication technologies. Students would gain more accurate impressions of design and fabrication if more up-to-date technologies were demonstrated. Taking into consideration that’s all plastic parts that are not available locally or internationally will be made using 3-D printing technology.


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