Graphical Waterfall

2012 –  2013


Supervised by:
Prof. Kamel Mohamed Soliman

Dr. Rola Afify



Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed Tourkey

 Ahmed Samir Hanafy El-Dakak

Mahmoud Abd ElNaeem Gad

Boshra Mohamed Mohamed El-gamal

Toaa Mohamed Wasfy Ali

Faten Mabrouk Abd-Elfattah El-gazar

Asmaa Yehia Abd-Elfadeel kotkat

Reham Mohamed Maghwry  ElHabet



Watching videos of Japanese waterfalls amazed and convinced us to make a cheap but high quality one. Looking at the waterfall, it seems that water droplets are controlled through more than 20 of Solenoid valves and each one of them is controlled by a complex programming that generates images into binary data and sends it to a micro-controller. Electronic hardware plays as a bridge between computer and solenoid valves. The mechanical structure holds overhead reservoir with solenoid valves and a drain.




Front Cover

Back Cover