Fully Automated Hydraulic Loader

2016 – 2017


Supervised by:

أ.د. كامل الشوربجى

د. رولا عفيفى



إسلام ياسر أحمد فؤاد

مصطفى محمود إبراهيم سعد الله

محمد عادل أبو الفضل

عبد الله فتحى عبد الله بيومى

الحسن على عبد العزيز

محمود سعيد فتحى

حازم محمد محروس



Wheel loader that drives by hydraulic system uses hydraulic fluid to transfer a power this power use to load or move big weight material through hydraulic cylinder or motor. It consists of pump with driven motor that give   to system, 3 cylinders,  hydraulic motor , crone bevel gear transmission to rear shaft , joystick control, 5 solenoids valve and 2 batteries 55A 12V . Wheel loader velocity   , construction dimensions 1 meter length of the arm and the highest length that can reach is 0.7 meters and can lift 760 Kg at maximum hydraulic weight .Wheels are designed to move in rugged areas such industrial fields or desert. Normally cost of such system is high. To reduce cost and improve strength of hydraulic mechanism, analysis and optimization have been carried out on various mechanisms which are discussed in this review paper. Performance parameters of mechanism checked by carrying out the simulation of the mechanism. This review paper also included factor of safety of piston boam.