Versatile design of vacuum cleaner for dry and wet cleaning

2020 – 2021

The Wet and Dry vacuum cleaner is similar to the basic container cleaner, it is designed to tackle liquid spills as well as dry dirt and dust. It was primarily used for heavy duty jobs, mainly in commercial properties. However, newer, compact models in various sizes have recently been designed by manufacturers for domestic use.

The wet and dry cleaner is handy in any working environment and can also be used around the home to clean just like a normal top-rated vacuum, with the added bonus of being able to deal with liquid spillage and damp or wet patches. It can take on all types of dirt and liquid waste, regardless of whether it is indoors or outdoors.

The internal electrical components of the wet and dry cleaner are well insulated and housed separately to the integral workings of the machine. This makes the cleaner safe to use with no risk of electrocution to the user, or damage to the machine. It does not require much maintenance.


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