2012 – 2013

Supervised by:
Prof. Mahmoud Mostafa

Dr. Rola Afify


  1. Amr Khalid Mohamed Soliman
  2. Mohamed Gamal Hassen Abd El Moaty
  3. Mahmoud Zaghloul Mahmoud Wezza


Finding a place to park our cars became a huge problem especially in our big overcrowded cities, as it takes from the car owners and drivers a long time and big effort to find a place to park, besides making the streets more and more overcrowded with a very heavy traffic motion. The most appropriate way is to design a parking building with several levels to accommodate a large number of vehicles with a small ground space. The project is concerned with designing a parking area. It is a circular building with several levels and cells. The parking operation is fully automated. They drives in special zones, it is lifted inside an elevator. The elevator is programmed to convey the vehicle to a predefine cell and level. The driver can call back to get his/her car from the loading zone automatically.