2010 –  2011

Supervised by:
Prof. Hassan EL-Hofy

Ass.Prof. Shafik EL-Bahnasy

Dr. Rola Afify


Mohamed Abd El Moamen Kishk

Ibrahim Mohamed Mohamed El-Menyawy

Youssry Khalifa Hamed

Mohamed Nader Nasr El-Din Ali

Ahmed Saeed Arafa

Mohamed Adel Shahin

Mohamed El Said Abd El Fattah Gad

Mohamed Sabry Teleeba


X-Y-Z cutting machine is designed and manufactured. The machine is computer controlled to cut under severs conditions.

Action Steps:
1 – Summary of the work of his computer controlled machines.

2 – Design and implementation of automatic servo-driven trends X, Y, Z.

3 – Gathering machine cutting machine.

4 – Automated programming.

5 – Test performance.

6 – Technical Report.