Egyptian Compact Robot (ECR) (AIET)



2016 – 2017


Supervised by:

Dr. Rola afify

Eng. Mostafa Abd ElRazek



Ayman Mohamed Saad khafaga

Mohamed Shehata ismaeel

Hosam Hasan Ghanem

Sara Tarek Fouda

Yasmine Saad Elkasaby

Dina Maher Gomaa

Noha Yossry Abd Elhameed



Egyptian compact Robot (ECR) is a multi-task robot used in many applications. In this project, it is focused especially on military applications. It is used in bombs discovery and investigations of any foreign bodies. Also, it has full capacity to deal with most types of crackers with high accuracy. It may be considered as the right arm of the human that depend on it in dangerous situations. The system used “arduino” to control the operating system of the robot. It sends/receives commands to/from the console. This will be an alternative in the control system in the events of a malfunction or a Failure. ECR robot also contains more than one camera that doing vivid pictures of the considered site. They are sent to the remote control screens. This increases safety and reduces the rate of casualties. The robot arm is one of the most special characteristics of the robot that it has a high accuracy and has many advantages.

Advantages of ECR robot: –

  • It doesn’t have a special environment for working, but it is designed to work in normal environmental conditions.
  • The robot arm has the ability to move in all quarters. It is capable of dealing with the bombs easily and without loss of life.
  • The robot provides a high rate of safety and saves a lot of money.
  • In the case of the inability to dismantle the bomb, the robot carries it and moves to another secure place and then gets rid of the bomb.


1st term presentation


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ECR Final Book

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