2010 –  2011


Supervised by:
Prof. Mahmoud Mostafa

Dr. Rola Afify



Ahmed Beshr Ahmed Issa

Eslam Nessem Ibrahim

Ahmed Mohamad Ahmed El-Maghraby

Mohamed Mostafa Ezz-Eldin

Almotaz -Bellah Ayman Kamal

Omar Gamal Maemon Salem

Eslam Ahmed Ibrahim El-garawany



This robot can be used to weld two steel sheets in industrial factories to avoid the biohazard situation to increase the speed and accuracy o welding.

Steps of operations:

  1. Market study.
  2. Geometrical modelling of robot.
  3. Kinematics modelling of robot.
  4. Dynamic modelling of robot.
  5. Initial construction of mechanical structure.
  6. Selection of suitable sensors.
  7. Modification of mechanical structure.
  8. Construction of control unit.
  9. Testing of the robot in its final form.