2011 – 2012

 Supervised by:
Prof. Hamdy Ashor

Dr. Rola afify


أسراء أيمن أنور محمد

جورج نشأت عدلى مرجان

ريهام رأفت صبحى

مارك مدحت ظريف زكى

مارينا جرجس يوسف روفائيل

محمد يحيى محمد منصور

مينا جورج فريد ميخائيل

ملاك موسى ابراهيم


Production lines are fully automated and widely used recently. The project is concerned with automatic control of industrial process control system using the Programmable Logic Control (PLC) technology. Containers will be moved using a moving Conveyor. They will stop to be filled.  By using Proximity sensors, they are filled till a specific limit. A cap will be lifted to fall down over the containers. In the next step, the cap will be closed using a horizontal bar. The containers will be classified too.