Solar cells electric car

2015 – 2016


Supervised by:

Prof. Ahmed Alaskary

Dr. Rola afify



محمد أحمد عبدالفتاح

حسام الدين عبدالعزيز محمد

محمد عبدالسلام أحمد

محمد حامد سالم

محمد سعد فرحات

أيمن عوض جابر

عبدالرحمن حمزة محمد

محمد عادل



A car to work by electricity resulting from the use of renewable solar energy (Solar powered car). It achieves the following:

1- Reduce the use of non-renewable energy as fuel and turn to renewable energy, Energy of the future.

2- Reduce congestion from the traffic side, Due to the size of the car.

3- Destruction factor of the fundamental factors in the environment pollution, a vehicle exhaust, thus contributing to clean up the environment and Preserving it.

4- increase speed because of the light weight of the car.

The basic parts of the project:

1- The Structure: The car is made up of normal structure of seat or two seats.

2- The Motor: Two Motors (1/2 HP) are distributed on the rear tires of the car. Plus, two electric wheel chair motors 300 watt are used.

3- Solar cells: They are the primary source of energy. The dimensions of the cells is satisfied according to the dimensions of the structure. They are two parts of solar cells every one is 300 watts. Solar energy is converted to electricity and stored by (solar cells and the battery), and then the motor is running in operating the car.