2010 – 2011

Supervised by:

Prof.Dr.Mahmmoud Mostafa
Dr.Rola Afify
Ali Abdulsatar Taha
Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed
Abdo Elmoniem Mohammed Ayman
Mohammed Ahmed Tantawy
Abdallah Mohammed Khames
Mohammed Ahmed


This is a military Vehicle navigated and driven via Satellite navigation and GPS System. It is divided in three parts. The Orientation is done using a control Center. It is Equipped with a Wireless Transceiver having a range up to 2 KM and could be more. As this military information must be kept in non-disturbance or hijacked band; so we used encryption procedures using best technology, best supervisor in encryption department. Modern Studies indicated that the Soldier aiming ability in training time is up to ( %99.3),but under the battle stresses and tensions the ability reduces to no more than ( %90) maximum. So, the robot is equipped with electronic aiming system designed by us ; also equipped with fire arm and sensors to measure the distance of targets in addition to a camera and accuracy measurement system. This makes the aiming accuracy during training and in the battlefield up to ( % 98.7). This center may be Fixed in any fixed military unit or movable in a vehicle and remote-controlled. The Control center has a monitor for showing the sensors measurements and the outside view of the battlefield, plus an encryption / decryption appliances to smoothly manage the battle. The robot has ability to exploring the battlefield and the vital circumference via video transferring also can transfer temperature and amount of toxic gases before landing & breaking – in operations. The robot can support the soldiers with: weapons, first aids, emergency evacuation for the injured soldier from the battlefield, and helping the soldiers in the hard targeting process. The robot is dealing with targets with intelligent way, such as transferring the information as encrypted data, so the control center can send air artillery support to the pre –defined location according to satellite. In an advanced phase, the robot may be equipped with AI to automatically deal with targets in the battlefield. In this case we can send many robots in the battlefield and one may be the commander that receives the order from control center and then controls other robots for managing the battle, dealing with targets, and sending the military reports to the command center.




tactical unmanned ground vehicle front cover

tactical unmanned ground vehicle back cover