Experimental investigations of solar chimney performance


2023 – 2024


Supervised by:

أ.د. حسن الجمل

أ. د. السيد صابر

د. رولا عفيفى



محمد عثمان محمد الطماوى

مايكل إيهاب لمعى 

ابراهيم عبد اللطيف عبد العزيز

عبد الرحمن طارق محمود

زياد محمود عمران أحمد عمران



The aim of this study is to assess the feasibility and performance of a solar chimney power plant in generating electricity from solar energy. Through analysis of collected data including temperature variations, power output, and airflow rate, the project evaluates the system’s efficiency and potential. The results indicate that the solar chimney power plant efficiently harnesses solar energy for electricity generation. Temperature sensors provide valuable insights into temperature changes, allowing for optimization of the plant’s efficiency. DC current and voltage sensors accurately measure turbine power output, enabling precise monitoring and control. The study finds that turbine power output correlates directly with temperature differences between the collector and chimney. Higher temperature differentials lead to increased power generation. Airflow sensor data contributes to evaluating system efficiency and performance, identifying any airflow restrictions or inefficiencies. Based on these findings, it can be concluded that the solar chimney power plant, with its specified dimensions and sensor setup, shows promising potential for sustainable energy production. This project highlights a dependable and environmentally friendly alternative for generating electricity in the field of renewable energy. The insights gained from this study provide a basis for future research and development in solar chimney power plants, aiming to further enhance their efficiency and power output. This project contributes to advancing cleaner and more sustainable energy solutions, supporting the shift towards a greener future.

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