Industrial Hydraulic System (ME763E)


د. رولا عفيفى



Week no. #1:   Introduction to Industrial hydraulic systems

Fluid Power Pdf                      Fluid Power video             Hydraulic circuit video        

Energy power equations Pdf                      video


Week no. #2:    Introduction to Industrial hydraulic systems (Cont.)

Basic Hydraulic Circuit Design and Analysis Pdf               

Basic Hydraulic Circuit      1st video        2nd video           3rd video         4th video   


Week no. #3:   Servo valve technology

What are Servo Control Valves? – Tutorials and Explanation

Working of Servo Control Valve Explain with Animation

Proportional hydraulics, proportional valve, servo valve – how it works – Technical animation

& Finally

Introduction to proportional (servo) valves


Week no. #4:   Servo valve technology (Cont.)

Lect. 4  Pdf 


Week no. #5:   Seals and Packing on hydraulic systems

Lect. 5  Pdf                         video


Week no. #6:   Selecting tubing, fitting and filters

Lect. 6  Pdf                        video 1              video 2                  video 3

                                            video 4                  video 5


Week no. #7:    Noise control systems – 7th week evaluation.

Lect. 7  Pdf                        video 1              video 2   


Week no. #8:    Thermal design of hydraulic systems

Lect. 8  Pdf                        video 


Week no. #9:    Troubleshooting and maintenance

Week no. #10:   Troubleshooting and maintenance (Cont.)

Hydraulic Hints & Trouble Shooting Guide






Week no. #11:   Sequence circuits

Synchronization of hydraulic cylinders

Sequence circuit single acting cylinder 

Sequence valve schematic simulation

Hydraulic cylinder sequence circuits


Week no. #12:    Understanding load holding circuits – 12th week evaluation.

HAWE Single Load Holding Valve LHDV


Week no. #13:    Multiple system pressure

Week no. #14:    Multiple system pressure (Cont.)



Week no. #15:    Case study



Final 22-23 1st ME763E                  &                  Answer

Final 22-23 2nd ME763E                  &                  Answer