Projects 2018 – 2019

                                                                                                         AAST project Format

                                                                                                       Chapter (1) word model      Pdf

                                                                                                                   د. رولا عفيفى


1- Water desalination with flat plate solar energy collector

3- Water desalination assisted with evacuated tube solar collector 

5- Pumping (oil+air+water) flow

7- Vibrations diagnosis for oscillating water column systems 

8- Improved design of a duct geometry for wave energy extraction system 

9- Enhancement of design of a wave energy extraction turbine for Egyptian coasts 

11- A study of waste kinetic energy utilization modeling, simulation and experimental 

107- Wind turbine

111- Savonius wind turbine 

112- Water desalination with solar –multi effect humidification 

113- Water desalination with single basin solar still and evacuated tube solar collector  

119- Vertical axis wind  turbine 

120- Fork lift equipment